Find Me !!!!

I made a a special color for "Morgane".

The original price is 475L.

Buuuut ...... it's the 2nd anniversary, so, everyone can buy it for ONLY 10L !

Yes, 10L (hat included)

You want it ???

Just find this lovely butterfly, and it's yours.

Your Limo


Lillou's Designs - 2nd Anniversary

Lillou's Designs celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

from April 14th to May 13rd 2012.

I want to sincerely thank all of you to accompany me since two years in this wonderful adventure.
During these two years, you gave me wonderful gifts, by sending me your photos, messages and encouragements.
We are now over 2300 members (inworld group and subscriber), and I thank you from my heart.


1st week :

To start this anniversary, a members hunt.
It will run from April 14 to May 13, 2012.

Good luck and happy hunting :)

Lillou's Designs Mainstore

More informations related to this 2nd Anniversary will be posted on this blog,
and also announced in the inworld group and subscriber.