Styling Contest - Ms Lillou's Super Model 2012

We are looking for the Ms Lillou Super Model 2012


Classic W/ Style and Lillou's Designs looking for the 
Ms Lillou Super Model 2012 .

This is not a photo contest.  This contest is all about styling !

To Enter please contact Anrol Anthony in world for application.

Do you think you are everything to be our next Lillou's Super Model 2012 ?
Then this contest is made for you ....


~Audition will be on November 17th @ 1:00 pm/slt~
Please, contact Anrol Anthony for application.



This contest is open for Male and Female
To enter this contest:
~~- You must be a member to Lillou's  Designs Group or in Classic W/ Style group.
~~Enter to our Classic W/ Style contest.  

To enter you must message me for an application.
But it is not mandatory to join our contest in CWS.



STEP 1 :Wear your group tag from Lillous  Design or CWS Group when you audition.

STEP 2 : For the Audition: You must wear outfit to wear for audition
Formal wear from Lillous Design
Please Tp here to get the outfits : CWS Lillou's Designs Store

STEP 3 : You must style and accesories it and be creative.  Get your description ready.  Get 10 poses ready to pose in front of the judges

STEP 4: The judges will select the 15 finalists that will compete to be in our elimination week and compete for the title of  Lillou Super Model 2012.

STEP 5 : Each week we will eliminate 2 contestants.  

Please if you think you are not able to make these date, I advice you not to enter.

Schedules of the Elimination Process:
Audition will be on November 17th at 1:00 pm/slt

~November 25
Lillous Super Model 1st Elimination
Time: 12:00 pm/slt

December 2nd No Elimination due to CWS Graduation

December 9th
Event: Lillous Super Model 2nd Elimination
Time: 12:00 pm/slt

December 16  *
No elimination due to Big Finale

December  23*  Sunday ~
Event: Lillous Super Model 3rd Elimination
Time: 12:00 pm/slt

* The rest of the dates will be announced.

= 1 winner will win to be our crown winner Next  Lillous Super Model 2012
Date will be Announce  = BIG FINALE !


The crown winner will win this:

* The title of  Lillou Super Model 2012.
* 20 000L$  Sponsored by Classic W/ Style.
* A Gown will be Named after You by Lillou's Designs.
* You will be photographed by our in house Photographer.
* Your picture will be in our magazine and video ad announcement.
* Your picture will appear on the Classic W/ Style blog.

First Runner Up:
*10 000L$
Gift Certificate from Lillou's Designs
Second Runner Up:
*5 000L$
Gift Certificate from Lillous Designs


If you have any question, please contact Anrol Anthony or any member of the CWS staff.

Thank you
Anrol Anthony
Classic W/ Style CEO
 Lillou Merlin

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