5e Anniversary of Lillou's Designs and Easter Hunt

The Anniversary starts with a beautiful April VIP Gift.

Don't forget to activate your Group Tag !
Thank you very much for your support.
With love.
Lillou ♥

Egg Hunt to celebrate Easter.

The hunt is free and open to everyone. (No group required).
8 eggs are hidden in the store.

They are not hard to find and are all of the same color to make it easier.
Just touch the eggs, and you will receive your gifts wrapped in pretty baskets.

Eggs are numbered from 1 to 8.
5 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lillou's Designs Main Store.
2 for Easter.
and 1 because it's my birthday RL: D

So hurry up ! Bring your friends and enjoy :)
Happy Easter to you and yours.

With Love
Lillou ♥

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